inkCanada recycle buy/sell empty inkjet toner cartridges

We Buy, Sell & Recycle Empty Inkjet Cartridges, Toner and Cell Phones!

Recycling is a good thing and so is raising money for your cause. With inkCanada's inkjet, toner and cell phone recycling program you can take care of both. And it’s completely FREE!

We pay you up to $9 for every eligible inkjet/toner cartridge you collect and up to $300 for every cell phone. That’s money you can use for anything, including:

  • School programming
  • Improvements
  • Sports
  • Student Council
  • Charity

It's easy to get started. Take a look.

Start Recycling With inkCanada Today.

Here's how it works in four easy steps.

1) Spread the word about your recycling program.
2) Start collecting empty inkjet/toner cartridges and cell phones.
3) Download our price list for inkjet and toner recycling. Download our price list for Cell phone recycling
4) Ship your empty inkjet cartridges/toner and cell phones to us!- Detailed Shipping Instructions.


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